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Readiness Program Overview

The Airman and Family Readiness program office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00- 4:00.  We are open during the duty day, drill and by appointment.  We are closed on down days.

Telephone:  608-245-4654/4727.  24/7 contact numbers can be found
at these numbers.

Email:  115fw.fro@ang.af.mil.

The 115th Fighter Wing Airman and Family Readiness Program
provides support and resources that promote individual and family readiness. We work with local and state support agencies including
the non-profit 501(c)3 Association for Families of the 115th Fighter
Wing, UW Extension offices, The American Legion and its auxiliaries,
the VFW and many more individuals and businesses; together we
ensure that our members and their families have resources to support success in the Wisconsin Air National Guard.

CHILD AND YOUTH PROGRAMS:  Child and youth opportunities are sponsored by the National Guard Bureau, UW-Extension, Wisconsin National Guard and through grants and donations from the
Department of Defense and the Association for Families.  For
information on child and youth camps and summits, go to the
Truax Ticker. 

EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE: The Wisconsin National Guard's
WERC program provides members and their family members with assistance in the job hunt, preparing a  job application/resume and preparing for interviews.  Counselors will also help you explore your education options and assist with career counseling.  Go to:  www.Get2WERC.com.
  Other employment resources include the following:
· Career One Stop - Department of Labor:  www.careeronestop.org.
· Credentialing:  www.careeronestop.org/CREDENTIALING/CredentialingHome.asp.
· DANTES:  www.dantes.doded.mil/dantes_web/danteshome.asp.
· O*NET:  Match your military skills to civilian occupations:  www.online.onetcenter.org/crosswalk.
· Troops to Teachers:  www.proudtoserveagain.com
· VMET:  DD Form 2586.  If you would like a copy of your Verification
of Military Experience and Training (VMET),
go to ww.dmdc.osd.mil/vmet.
· WERC:  Wisconsin Employment Resource Connection:
  608-301-8246   Application assistance, mock interviews,
education options, career counseling, job connections. www.Get2WERC.com.

Readiness Program Overview

EVENTS:  Annual and special events are open to family members throughout the year.  Our goal is to promote a sense of community and unit affiliation so that during times of mobilization and deployment our Air Guard families are ready and familiar with base support systems.  For information on Family Day, child and youth events and camps, the annual Children's Holiday Party and other base events, go to the Truax Ticker.

FAMILY ASSISTANCE:  Guard families are self-sufficient and resilient, but when help is needed, we're here to assist. We have many helping resources. Call us at 608-245-4654.

FINANCIAL COUNSELING SERVICES: We can assist with budget and debt counseling concerns. Members who are requesting financial assistance from base or WING programs may request assistance through our office.

READINESS AND RESILIENCE PROGRAMS:  Guard members and their families are always ready for deployments.  The Airman and Family Readiness program has resources to assist with your family care plan and other concerns about deployment.

RELOCATION ASSISTANCE:   Moving to Madison?  We can help.  If you would like to request a sponsor, send us a message at 115fw.fro@ang.af.mil.

RESOURCE GUIDE: We also provide information and referral services that support the readiness of members and family members. "A Resource Guide for Airman and Families" is annually produced to update members on programs and services available to them.

TRANSITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  For information on the Air National Guard's VOW (Veteran's Opportunity to Work Act) Transition Assistance Program go to https://www.dodtap.mil/.  To register for a class, contact us at the Airman and Family Readiness Program, 608-245-4654.

YELLOW RIBBON REINTEGRATION:  When our members deploy due to activation and/or mobilization, we offer Yellow Ribbon and Transition Assistance Programs before, during and after deployment to ensure our veteran's and families are aware of all their benefits.   For information on the Yellow Ribbon Program call 608-245-4727 or 115fw.fro@ang.af.mil.

On Base Resources

Chaplain: 608-245-4565 (Office)

Legal Assistance (Powers of Attorney, Wills, Service Member Civil Relief Act, and more): 608-242-3071


Other Resources


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