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115th Fighter Wing Airman & Family Readiness

Readiness Program Overview

The Airman and Family Readiness program office hours are Monday - Thursday, 7:00- 3:00 PM. 
We are open during Drill Weekends as well – 6:30 AM until 1400 on Saturday and 0600 until 1300 on Sunday. 
We are closed on down days.

Telephone:  608-245-4654. 

Email:  gerard.hook@us.af.mil

115th Fighter Wing Airman and Family Readiness Program provides support and resources that promote individual and family readiness. We work with local and state support agencies including the Private Organization – 115th Friends of the Family Program, UW Extension offices, The American Legion and its auxiliaries, the VFW and many more individuals and businesses; together we ensure that our members and their families have resources to support success in the Wisconsin Air National Guard.

CHILD AND YOUTH PROGRAMS:  Child and youth opportunities are sponsored by the National Guard Bureau, UW-Extension, Wisconsin National Guard and through grants and donations from the
Department of Defense and the Association for Families.  For information on child and youth camps and summits, go to the Truax Ticker. 

EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE: The Wisconsin National Guard's
Veterans Representatives at the Wisconsin Job Center of Dane County Veterans with assistance in the job hunt, preparing a job application/resume and preparing for interviews.  Counselors will also help you explore your education options and assist with career counseling.  Go to:  


The Employment Support Program at the Joint Forces Headquarters also provides Service Members and their families’ assistance in the job hunt, preparing a job application/resume and preparing for interviews.  Counselors will also help you explore your education options and assist with career counseling.

Military One Source
Whether you are a service member thinking about a college degree, a military spouse wanting to connect with a network of military-friendly employers or a parent hoping for a smooth school transition for your child, Military OneSource offers practical information and resources for pursuing education goals and achieving career aspirations https://www.militaryonesource.mil/education-employment 
 Other employment resources include the following:

  • Career One Stop - Department of Labor:  www.careeronestop.org.
  • DANTES:  https://www.dantes.doded.mil/
  • O*NET:  Match your military skills to civilian occupations: https://www.onetonline.org/
  • Troops to Teachers:  www.proudtoserveagain.com
  • VMET:  DD Form 2586.  If you would like a copy of your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET), go to https://milconnect.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect/public/faq/Training-VMET
  • EVENTS:  Annual and special events are open to family members throughout the year.  Our goal is to promote a sense of community and unit affiliation so that during times of mobilization and deployment our Air Guard families are ready and familiar with base support systems.  For information on Family Day, child and youth events and camps, the annual Children's Holiday Party and other base events, go to the Truax Ticker or the 115th FW App.

    FAMILY ASSISTANCE:  Guard families are self-sufficient and resilient, but when help is needed, we're here to assist. We have many helping resources. Call us at 608-245-4654.

    Personal Financial Counselor – PFC6wi.ng@zieders.com or 245-4719

    FINANCIAL COUNSELING SERVICES: We can assist with budget and debt counseling concerns. Members who are requesting financial assistance from base or WING programs may request assistance through our office.

    The Airman & Family Readiness Center offers information, education, and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness and build resiliency in preparation for life’s various financial situations.

    Financial Education Workshops Include

  • Blended Retirement System
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Frist Duty Station
  • Budgeting/Spending Plan
  • Retirement Starter
  • Financial transitioning, credit reports/scores, projected post separation budget
  • Military Saves Week (various topics taught)
  • Miscellaneous other topics throughout the year
  • We can conduct briefings at your unit as well
  • Marriage
  • Birth of the 1st Child
  • Promotions
  • One-on-One Financial Counseling Provided for the Following

  • Budgeting/Spending Plan
  • Managing credit and debt problems
  • Pulling/reviewing credit reports
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Car Buying
  • Marriage
  • Birth of the 1st Child
  • Promotions

  • READINESS AND RESILIENCE PROGRAMS:  Guard members and their families are always ready for deployments.  The Airman and Family Readiness program has resources to assist with you with your concerns about deployment.

    RESOURCE GUIDE: We also provide information and referral services that support the readiness of members and family members. "A Resource Guide for Airman and Families" is annually produced to update members on programs and services available to them.

    YELLOW RIBBON REINTEGRATION:  When our members deploy due to activation and/or mobilization, we offer Yellow Ribbon before and after deployment to ensure our veteran's and families are aware of all their benefits.   For information on the Yellow Ribbon Program call 608-245-4727.

Readiness Program Overview

TRANSITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  For more information on the Air National Guard's Transition Assistance Program contact gerard.hook@us.af.mil

To register for a class, contact us at the Airman and Family Readiness Program, 608-245-4654.

Through individual counseling, workshops and seminars, the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is an outcome-based program that bolsters opportunities, services, and training for transitioning service members in their preparation to meet post-military goals. Through the transition process, individuals identify their skills, learn to search the job market, and successfully market themselves to quickly secure employment in the civil sector. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend all TAP components.

A retiree should engage 24-20 months prior to date of retirement and a separatee must start the TAP process as early as 18-15 months prior to separation. The intent of starting earlier is to allow members to be more proactive in the process and to take ownership of their transition.

Any member that has been identified for early separation including legal, administrative, medical evaluation board (MEB), Palace Chase or Palace Front, or other requirements should start the TAP process the moment the INTENT to discharge early is known.

Any member assigned to deploy must immediately complete both Initial Consultation and Preseparation Counseling prior to actual deployment if they will fall below 365 days from date of separation during deployment.

Prep - Paperwork – Self-Assessment, Counselor Tool Questionnaire, Statement of Understanding, Individual Transition Plan

Initial Counseling (IC)

Individualized initial counseling (IC) between the service member and a TAP counselor begins the transition process. Service members will complete their personal self- assessment tool to identify and discuss their unique needs of the transition process during the IC appointment. This congressionally mandated session must be completed NLT 365 days prior to date of separation.

Pre-Separation Briefing

The Pre-separation Counseling (PRESEP) is an informational briefing designed to provide members with the knowledge, resources and assistance available so they can make an informed decision regarding their separation or retirement options and will also review various veteran service related benefits. The briefing is congressionally mandated and required to be completed NLT 365 days prior to date of separation. This briefing is a prerequisite to the TAP workshop and must be completed prior to TAP Workshop attendance.

Transition Assistance Program Workshop

During TAP, members receive information and tools that will help them be successful and thrive after their military careers. During this workshop you will learn to identify your current skills and abilities and how they translate to a variety of occupations outside of the military. You will learn to assess your future career goals and plans, identify needs, develop a financial spend plan and project your budget for transition. Additionally, you will be provided resources and training to analyze and search the current employment markets, effective interviewing, and dressing for success.

The Veterans Administration (VA) Benefits and Services briefing will be provided by a Veteran Affair’s representative. During the VA Benefits and Services briefing, an overview of GI Bill Benefits, disability claims process, VA healthcare, Vocational Rehabilitation and other veteran benefit entitlements will be covered.

Optional two day tracks are also a component of the TAP program, allowing members who seek additional assistance to gain resourceful information. These tracks are typically assigned according to tier selection, but may also be available to members as an optional resource. These two day tracks must be scheduled before Capstone completion.

Accessing Higher Education Track (AHE)

This track is facilitated by the base education office and offered upon request as an additional resource to help individuals who plan to focus on their academic goals. This track helps members prepare for college life, transfer credits, explore how college credits may be gained for military training and experience, research schools and financial assistance and how to complete an application to the school.

Vocational Track

This track is facilitated by the Department of Labor (DOL) and offered upon request as an additional resource for individuals seeking alternate career paths through certification, licensing and apprenticeship. This track offers a unique opportunity to identify skills, increase awareness of training and credentialing programs, and develop and action plan to achieve career goals. This will include a variety of individual assessments to help members identify interests and aptitudes to help target a variety of tailored job recommendations based on results.

Entrepreneurship Track

This track is facilitated by the Small Business Administration and offered upon request as an additional resource for individuals seeking development in a small business or franchise. Through this track, individuals explore entrepreneurship opportunities, develop a business plan, explore key elements to sustain a business, as well as provide additional resources throughout the community.

TAP prepares participants to

  • Analyze skills and experience, likes and dislikes, work values, and how these affect their job search.
  • Identify needs and goals, then compare them with information about jobs in various industries.
  • Respond to job offers and answer questions in a job interview and identify behaviors to strengthen or change.
  • Analyze your spending and project your budget for the next 12 months after separation.


  • Capstone is a mandatory component of the Transition Assistance Program and must be completed NLT 90 days prior to date of separation. The purpose of Capstone is to evaluate member’s preparedness to successfully transition from a military to a civilian career. Counselors will meet with the member individually to verify Career Readiness Standards (CRS) have been completed. Individual Career Readiness Standards are the members responsibility, and can be verified on the EFORM by accessing https://www.dodtap.mil/login.html
  • In addition to all TAP requirements, service members will also receive access to a Statement of Benefits resource guide provides you with an overview of the benefits and services you may have earned, as well as resources available to assist you in obtaining your benefits. For access, please visit https://www.dodtap.mil/rest/docs?filename=Statement_of_Benefits.pdf

Commander’s Verification

On Base Resources

Chaplain: 608-245-4565 (Office)

Legal Assistance (Powers of Attorney, Wills, Service Member Civil Relief Act, and more): 608-242-3071




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