115th Fighter Wing Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION The mission of the 115th Fighter Wing is to deliver dominant combat air power and provide agile support for domestic operations.
OUR VISION To achieve that mission, the 115FW vision is to be the premier fighter wing; outstanding Airmen who are trained, ready and dedicated.

    Our Commitment

    At the 115th Fighter Wing, protecting the environment is one of our highest priorities and will be a major factor in decision making. The Wing is dedicated to continual improvement of our processes to prevent and reduce waste generation. The Wing will maintain compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, Executive Orders and U.S. Air Force Instructions; and support AFPD 90-8, the ESOH Policy for the Air Force.




    Located at Truax Field in
    Madison, Wisconsin,
    the 115th provides invaluable
    Homeland Defense
    to the Midwest region
    with a premier fighter
    and mission support force.