Ready for Life

The PHP supports mission readiness by providing airmen and their families the tools they need to develop and maintain their mental strength and resilience.  The PHP promotes well-being at work and home, leading to airmen and families who are prepared to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities of both military and civilian life.


Contact Information
O: 608.245-4310
C: 608.400.5275
Note: voice-mail is confidential


Services are available to all airmen, their significant others, spouses, children, and parents. See contact information and call, text, or email for initial consultation or to make an appointment.

AIRMEN build mental strength and resilience; manage stress, anger, anxiety, or depression; treat  PTSD; prepare for optimum performance of duties at home, on base, and abroad

FAMILIES build family strength, unity, and resilience; manage family stress and conflict; develop  coping strategies for separations, transitions, and deployments

COUPLES build a strong, resilient partnership; manage relational stress and conflict; develop  effective relationship skills; separate or divorce with integrity and priorities intact

PARENTS learn child-centered, age-appropriate parenting strategies to create stability, promote  resilience, build competencies, and foster a strong identity

CHILDREN manage anxiety, anger, and sadness; increase resiliency; understand stressors and  discover coping skills; develop a strong, healthy identity; change problem behaviors;  achieve school success; solve problems with peers and family members

CRISIS safety & support in real time for personal and inter-personal crisis, suicidal thoughts, and  exposure to violence, sexual assault, abuse, trauma, or loss

Crisis Management

Crisis management is about getting the kind of help you or someone else needs from the resource that is best suited to manage the situation.

CALL 911
If death or serious harm is imminent due to suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming self or other. 
If threatening or violent behavior is escalating or uncontrollable.
If a weapon is present.
If someone is not safe enough to transport them to hospital in a private vehicle.

CALL SUICIDE HOTLINE @ 1.800.273.8255
If having thoughts of suicide.
If overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness or helplessness.
If wanting advice on how to help someone you know who may be feeling suicidal.

If thoughts of suicide or self-harm are present and you feel as if you are losing control.
If anxiety or other symptoms of stress are escalating beyond your control.
If disoriented to time or place or self, if experiencing loss of memory or blacking out.

CALL or TEXT DPH Cell Phone @ 608.400.5275
For problems or concerns that are urgent or overwhelming, but not critical.  Response time is usually immediate during office hours and within the day if message is received after hours or during weekend.

CALL DPH Office Phone @ 608.245.4310
For non-urgent problems or concerns. Response time is usually immediate during office hours and by next business day if message is received after hours.