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The next UPT hiring board will take place in January 2020. 

Pre-requisites for Training

Pre-requisites for Pilot Training applicants: 

You must be in good overall health 

Must be a U.S. Citizen capable of obtaining a Top Secret security clearance 

Posses a 4 year college degree (or in last semester of earning a degree) 

Must have taken, and received the results from the following tests: 
            - Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)
            - Minimum Scores Required: Verbal: 15, Quantitative: 10, Pilot: 25, Navigator: 10
            - Pilot and Navigator scores combined must equal 50
            - These are the minimum scores required for UPT
            - Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS)
                 - For information on scheduling this test, and getting a Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) score, please visit the following website:       

Flying experience is a plus, but NOT required

Vision limitations: 

Distant vision - corrected to 20/20  (uncorrected max is 20/70) 
Near vision - uncorrected 20/25  (uncorrected max is 20/70) 
Refractive error - No worse than -1.50 to +2.00 
Astigmatism - No worse than 1.50 Diopters
Corrective Eye surgery bringing vision within the above limits MAY be waivered provided the surgery occurred at least one year in the past and had no complications.

Minimum height: 64 inches 
Maximum height: 77 inches 
Sitting height must be between 34-40 inches 

Must be no more than 33 years old to begin flight training.

Officer Recruiter

The Designated Officer Recruiter is the Recruiting Office Supervisor

Please e-mail or call 1-608-245-4657 for more information.


The next UPT hiring board will take place in January 2020. 

Packets Due:  05 December 2019

Please include the following items in your application package:

1. UPT Cover Sheet
2. Cover Letter
3. Resume
4. Two most recent OPRs/EPRs if currently serving in the Armed Forces
5. Discharge records for any prior military service
6. Statement of Law Violations and Drug Use (see Cover Sheet)
7. Copy of college transcripts
8. AFOQT Scores
9. TBAS and PCSM Scores
10. Copy of Pilot's License
11. Letters of Recommendation (3 Max)

**Please include a 1-3 minute video introducing yourself, why you want the job, and why we should pick you to go through the pipeline to be a fighter pilot with the Badgers.  Include this via a YouTube link in your email with the rest of your application.**

Please email any questions and application materials to: