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Default Air Force Logo Wisconsin Air Guard squadron earns Outstanding Unit Award
A group of Wisconsin Airmen stand united in a unique mission - controlling air space from the ground. Now they stand united as one of the nation's top Air Force units. Air Force officials recently awarded the prestigious Air Force Outstanding Unit Award to the Camp Douglas-based 128th Air Control Squadron, which employs more than 160 members of
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Default Air Force Logo Wisconsin Air National Guard unit ranked among best in nation
The 115th Fighter Wing has proven it is among the best in the nation at doing what it takes to be ready for whatever mission it faces.The Madison-based Wisconsin Air National Guard unit earned a nearly perfect rating during a Unit Compliance Inspection at Truax Field Dec. 10-15.Sixty inspectors from the Air Combat Command's Inspector General team,
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Default Air Force Logo Pregnancy and Workplace Safety
Are you concerned with reproductive health, workplace hazards, nutrition during pregnancy, or infectious diseases that could affect pregnancy? If so, Public Health is a great resource for you. The Public Health Office manages the 115th Fighter Wing Fetal Protection Program. Are you pregnant? You need to report your pregnancy to Public Health as
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Lt. Col. Doug Read accepts a warm welcome at Shahbaz AB, Pakistan, after he and fellow 176th Fighter Squadron pilots Majors Bart Van Roo and Chris Hansen delivered three new F-16s to the Pakistani Air Force on October 30, 2010. Badger Pilots Deliver new Falcons to Pakistan
On October 26, 2010, five pilots from the 176th Fighter Squadron departed the Lockheed Martin factory in Fort Worth, Texas, with five brand-new F-16 Block 52 fighters, bound for Pakistan. They were the second batch of new F-16s being delivered as part of an order of 18 in the Peace Drive program of 2006.Lt. Col. Doug Read led the five-ship flight,
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Default Air Force Logo How is Your Self-Speak?
How do you explain bad things that happen in your life? What if, out of the blue, your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you, or your spouse asked you for a divorce this holiday season? What if you lost significant health either suddenly or slowly? How would you process it? How would you explain it to yourself?I do not claim to be a psychologist but
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Default Air Force Logo Education Information from Cardinal Stritch University this weekend
On Saturday, December 4, from 11:30 - noon, Tommie Jones of Cardinal Stritch University will be available in Building 500, room 129, to answer questions members may have about pursuing a degree through the University.The school offers military discounts for tuition, accelerated programs, night and online classes and can confer associate, bachelor
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Default Air Force Logo Keep Energy Awareness a High Priority All Year Around
As we wrap‐up the official Energy Awareness Month, let us continue to keep energy awareness a high priority all year around. Keep in mind the theme of "A New Culture: Energy as an Operations Enabler" as you continue accomplishing the mission every day of the year.The theme depicts how, across the nation, Federal agencies including the Air Force and
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Default Air Force Logo Good-Deal VA Financing for Homes Still Available
Are you looking to buy your first home? If so, did you know that you may still be eligible to receive a tax credit up to $8000? To be eligible for the tax credit extension, you must be a qualified service person. That is, a uniformed service member of the U.S. Military, a member of the Foreign Service or an employee of the intelligence community.
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Chaplain Corps (Color). U.S. Air Force graphic. Department of Defense and Military Seals are protected by law from unauthorized use. These seals may NOT be used for non-official purposes. For additional information contact the appropriate proponent. Thinking of Killing Yourself?
It's an honest question a good wingman must be able to ask. It's hard to say but must not be ignored, as we are all trained and expected to be good wingmen to our fellow Airmen - especially when you consider the BIG LIE that death stops your existence. Think about it. If each person consisted of only flesh and blood (no spirit/no soul), everyone
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Colonel Michael Hinman accepts congratulations from Brig. Generals Margaret Bair, chief of staff for the Wisconsin Air National Guard, and Donald Dunbar, Wisconsin National Guard adjutant general on a 34 year military career.  As a member of the 115th Fighter Wing, Colonel Hinman served most recently as the vice commander of the wing in Madison. In June, Colonel Hinman was appointed by Governor Jim Doyle as the administrator of Wisconsin Emergency Management. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Don Nelson) Hinman calls it a career

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