Amidst winter months Wis. Airman takes 2nd place in fitness contest

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Cameron Lewis
  • 115th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

As the cold weather approaches more and more people will find themselves blaming the winter season for their lack in physical fitness.

    In fact the average winter weight gain ranges from 5 - 10 pounds, said Rebecca Blake, the director of nutrition at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in New York, during an interview with accuweather.

    While many tend to become complacent about their fitness in the winter, an Airmen assigned to the 115th Fighter Wing here decided to turn this common winter phenomenon into a new years resolution to better himself and his physical fitness.

    As part of his new years resolution, Staff Sgt. Adam Pipp, an aerospace ground equipment journeyman assigned to the 115th Maintenance Group, Truax Field, Wisconsin, entered an online body transformation fitness contest in January of 2018.

    Pipp entered the contest as a motivational way to get back in shape after he noticed he was losing muscle and wasn’t as fit as he previously was.

    “Out of approximately 700 people that entered the transformation contest from all across the country I ended up coming in second place,” said Pipp.

      Having the second best transformation doesn’t come without hard work and determination.

    “I personally don’t like running, especially in the cold,” said Pipp. “So finding creative ways to get aerobic exercises in that would increase my heart-rate was key.”

    Pipp not only took advantage of his allotted gym time at work to gain more muscle but incorporated cardio workouts into his everyday tasks at home .

    “As I’d be cooking food I’d bust out a quick ab workout or a set of pushups,” said Pipp. “There are plenty of things that you don’t need dumbbells or crazy gym equipment for.”

    For those that aren’t sure what workouts to do, it is now easier than ever to go online or check social media to find a specific workout or get the motivation to stay fit, said Pipp.

    “I had an entire online team where we were all motivating each other and commenting on each others progress throughout the competition,” said Pipp. “Even though we were thousands of miles away we were still able to hold each other accountable and push each other to work out.”

    Not only are there an abundance of resources and motivational tools online but their are resources on base as well such as the fitness enhancement program.

    “Doing this and talking with people in my shop I became a fitness improvement plan coach for the maintenance squadron,” said Pipp. “I get to help people that may not make fitness a priority at the moment and need that in person motivation and coaching.”

    As a fitness improvement coach, Pipp now gets to share tips and tricks along with healthy lifestyle habits that other Airmen can take home with them and continue on their own.

    Citizen Airmen must hold themselves accountable to the same physical standards as their active duty counterpart, while meeting the additional demands of civilian life.

    “You have to be ready if a deployment comes up ,” said Pipp. “If you dedicate just 15 - 20 minutes a day to maintaining a healthy physical standard you’re going to see a transformation in your overall well-being.”