Commentary: Suggestions for when you are in a funk

  • Published
  • By Ellen Magee
  • Director of Psychological Health
Have you been down lately? Here are some suggestions from Dawn LaFrance PsyD and Gary Malone, MD:

1. Pin point what is getting you down. (Sports team losses affect our cultural psyche!)

2. Don't let your mood dictate plans; push yourself to keep social commitments.

3. Watch your diet. Work in winter greens, frozen fruit smoothies, choose healthy restaurant offerings.

4. Work out. Meet a friend and motivate each other.

5. Get more light. Keep curtains open, keep lamps lit and try to be outside when the sun is brightest for a few minutes if you can. Try a vitamin D supplement.

6. Avoid making major decisions- your perspective may be off.

If your weight changes rapidly, or you are sleeping more than nine or less than 5 hours a night, consult Ellen at, or your doctor. Maybe you need a Seasonal Affective Disorder light.