Commentary: In What Does My Life Consist?

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Maj. James G. Chizek
  • Wing Chaplain, 115th FW
Note:  Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the 115th Fighter Wing, Air National Guard, or Department of Defense.

Some see life primarily in terms of stuff. The more they own and the greater the heap, the fuller life will somehow be.

Some see life in terms of dollars. The greater their pay and personal wealth, somehow richer life will be.

Some see life as a quest for greater and greater fame. The more or less widely known their name, the more or less their significance will be.

Some see life primarily in terms of physical health. All they eat, exercise and avoid serves their body, the sum total of their existence.

Some see life in terms of consumption. The greater and finer their food and drink, the more filled their life will be.

Some see life in terms of power and position. The greater their influence and control, of greater importance their life will be.

Some see life primarily in entertainments. The more hours spent cloistered before flat screen movies, virtual worlds and ball games, the more, somehow, they "live life to the full."

Some see life primarily in terms of service. The more they accomplish "making a difference" for others, the more appreciated and successful they be.

Many see life in terms of family. Invisible love demonstrated by tangible acts in bonds and bounds of family love offer their deepest meaning, satisfaction and delight inexpressible. Isn't it strange how love, itself an unseen thing, can be so absolutely real and precious and sway so strong a power over us?

Some see their life in the unseen, real and precious love of a Heavenly Father penetrating the world with the gift of His only Son. Truly man, he dies in their place for their lawless offences against God. Truly God and the Author of life, He freely grants them what they could never earn or deserve: eternal life.

Many add to this list and mix and match but ask yourself... determine purposefully... "In what does my life consist?"