Truax Airman keeps jets flying, earns national recognition

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ryan Roth
  • 115th Fighter WIng Public Affairs
A 115th Fighter Wing maintenance Airman has been named as a top aircraft maintainer in the Air National Guard.

Senior Master Sgt. Robert Hintz has been awarded the General Lew Allen, Jr. trophy for excellence in aircraft maintenance. The prestigious maintenance award is given out once every year to an officer and non-commissioned officer who work in the realm of aircraft, missile or munitions maintenance and has a direct impact on aircraft sortie generation.

"Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do." This core value describes the attributes of all Airmen, and most specifically to the ongoing career of Senior Master Sgt. Robert Hintz.

Sergeant Hintz has 19 years of enlisted experience and is currently a production superintendant for the 115th which has 23 F-16 Fighting Falcons.

Sergeant Hintz is respected and looked up to by the Airmen he works with, not just because of his tall stature but because of his dedication to the mission and many achievements.

"Our unit would not succeed if it were not for the individual commitment and leadership of people like Sergeant Hintz," said Maj. Mathew Eakins, 115th Maintenance Operations Flight Commander. "Our organization strives to be the best and his recognition indicates that we are on the right path."

Sergeant Hintz was also the first Air Guard member to attend the Advanced Maintenance Superintendant Course. Students were selected because of their ability to expand combat capability.

The school qualifies graduates in all aspects of effects-based logistics through the agile combat support including. Graduates understand the principles of contingency and crisis action planning and can integrate expeditionary combat support to enable effective combat sortie generation. They can manage aircraft fleet-health challenges to ensure combat-ready weapons systems in support of the air campaign.

Not only has Sergeant Hintz increased his knowledge and understanding through continuing education, he earned the General Lew Allen, Jr. Trophy for 2010 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to sortie generation while assigned as the production supervisor of the 115th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

Through diligent planning and oversight, Sergeant Hintz directed the maintenance actions of more than 400 personnel for 23 aircraft and associated equipment supporting both home station alert aircraft and combat training missions while enhancing long-term fleet health.

"Whether Sergeant Hintz is deployed to the desert or supporting other units preparing for inspections, he never stops until the job is done and done right," said Major Eakins. "He is recognized throughout the Guard as a go-to guy in maintenance production."

During a recent deployment to Joint Base Balad, Iraq, his leadership contributed to more than 400 combat missions while sustaining a 73.1 percent mission-capable rate.

Although Sergeant Hintz was the only 115th Fighter Wing member to receive the General Lew Allen, Jr. trophy for this achievement, he views it as a collaborative effort.

"If you walk down the road and see a turtle on the fencepost, you realize it didn't get there by itself," said Sergeant Hintz. "My job is easy because I am surrounded by talent, and from the top down we have the best people ever."