Pregnancy and Workplace Safety

  • Published
  • By Maj. Elizabeth L. Barker
  • 115 MDG
Are you concerned with reproductive health, workplace hazards, nutrition during pregnancy, or infectious diseases that could affect pregnancy? If so, Public Health is a great resource for you. The Public Health Office manages the 115th Fighter Wing Fetal Protection Program.

Are you pregnant? You need to report your pregnancy to Public Health as soon as absolutely possible (as soon as you know you are pregnant). Please do not delay to wait for documentation from your civilian medical provider. An individual may not want to inform others of her pregnancy during the first trimester. However, this is the MOST CRITICAL TIME for Public Health to be involved and ensure we take appropriate measures.

Public Health will provide members with information about health hazards, dietary recommendations, and an educational DVD from the United States Air Force Medical Service. Public Health wants to ensure pregnant women maintain their duties in a healthy work environment. For more information about the Fetal Protection Program and other programs the Public Health Office provides, call 608-245-4412.