Stop Loss Special Pay Compensation (AFRC/ANG)

  • Published
  • By Colonel Steve Wright
  • Chief, Force Management Division (NGB/A1P)
Reservists and Guardsmen involuntarily extended on active duty beyond an
approved separation or retirement date as a result of Stop Loss between
September 11, 2001 and September 30, 2009 may be eligible for Retroactive
Stop Loss Special Pay compensation. The Air Force used stop loss during
Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001-2002 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
Eligible members will receive $500 per month for each month or portion of
month they were retained on active duty as a result of stop loss. The
payment is also payable to legally designated beneficiaries of deceased or
incapacitated Airmen.

Individuals have until Oct. 21, 2010 to file their claim. ARPC officials
will evaluate claims based upon historical records as well as any supporting
documentation submitted by the applicant. If the Air Force rejects a claim,
the application will be returned along with a letter detailing appellate

Every effort is being made to contact members affected who may have

Those eligible may download and submit a stop loss claim application from
the Air Reserve Personnel Center's virtual Personnel Center - Guard and
Reserve (vPC-GR) Web site at
, or call the Total Force Service Center
at 800-525-0102 for assistance.