115 FW Safety Office promotes safety through recongnition program

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  • By 115th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The 115th Fighter Wing Safety Office developed a program in 2008 that strives to recognize Airmen who exhibit the forethought, dedication and actions to promote and ensure safety principles while on and off duty. The following individuals have proven their involvement in incorporating the knowledge and initiative needed to practice sound "risk management" techniques which contribute to overall safety objectives.

Apr. - June, 2008:
Master Sgt. James Lofy, Jr., Tech. Sgt. Robert Fredenberg, Staff Sgts. Kyle Brockmeyer and Aric Venderwerff exhibited quick thinking and decisive actions when a fire alarm in Shelter #2 inadvertently began dispensing anti-fire suppressant foam into the shelter, the crew's equipment and the cockpit of the alert F-16.
The team worked swiftly to remove the pilot's equipment, close the canopies, remove the fighter and upgrade another F-16 to alert status.
Their responsive actions at the site of the mishap not only saved the Wisconsin Air National Guard a lot of money, they also contributed to the alert readiness of the fighter aircraft and many of its critical safety features.

July - Sept., 2008:
Master Sgt. Richard Lampi and Senior Airman Jeffery Braun were accomplishing a leading-edge flap operational checkout on an F-16. Airman Braun recognized a malfunction with a piece of equipment as a discrepancy to normal procedures according to the applicable technical data. Sergeant Lampi and Airman Braun then terminated the operations and began to troubleshoot before continuing the task.
Their quick communication and decision to terminate the operation ensured that the equipment was not compromised and all safety precautions were followed.

Oct. - Dec., 2008:
Senior Master Sgt. Wayne Edgren observed major maintenance being accomplished on an F-16 which was up on jacks for unrelated maintenance. Sergeant Edgren immediately identified two contradictions between the maintenance being performed and the applicable technical data for maintenance on the F-16.
Sergeant Edgren quickly stopped the maintenance. He also instructed the Airmen and other unit members on the correct procedures of maintenance on the aircraft while on jack stands. His knowledge and quick action ensured the continued safety of maintainers working on the plane and in the surrounding area.

Every Airman is instrumental to the overall safety campaign. Therefore, if you witness anyone, from any unit, specialty or office, who is making, or has made, a contribution to personal or operational safety, please submit a nomination form to the 115th FW/Safety Office prior to the end of the nomination quarter. For questions, please call 245-4611.