Truax Airmen train to deploy

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  • 115th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Over the summer, Airmen from the 115th Fighter Wing prepared for their deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 115th FW is set to pair up with Airmen from the Iowa National Guard's 132nd Fighter Wing, Des Moines, to help cover the scheduled 90-day deployment. 

During the Mega-UTA in June, nearly every member of the 115th FW participated in annual training necessary for mission readiness. The training included everything from ancillary training to chemical warfare preparedness to fitness testing. 

"We accomplished a great deal and it set the foundation for pressing forward with the AEF deployment," said Col. Joseph Brandemuehl, 115th Fighter Wing commander. 

During the August UTA and in the days leading up to their actual deployment in September, more than 200 Airmen processed through the deployment line. This action is an important step in the deployment processing as it ensures that all of the administrative, personal and family requirements are addressed. 

"The people who arrange the processing are very good at their jobs," said Colonel Brandemuehl. "This is a very important step to ensure we are ready for 'launch date'." 

Every member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard family wishes this group of deployers well. 

"The 115th Fighter Wing has excelled in all previous AEF rotations, and I fully expect this AEF will be the same ... living up to our standard of 'Dedicated to Excellence'," said Colonel Brandemuehl.