115th Fighter Wing Airmen Against Drunk Driving

Airmen Against Drunk Driving

  To use AADD, call 608-245-4380 when your initial plan falls through and you need a "last resort" ride home. The dispatcher on duty will find a standby driver in your area to take you home.

Whether you've had too much to drink, you think your driver had too much to drink, or your designated driver plans fail, AADD will get you home safely.

Vehicle Waiver
Membership File

To request AADD coverage for a special event, please fill out the following form and email it to 115FW.AADD@ang.af.mil.

Special Request Form


All grades of Airmen are invited to volunteer for AADD. This is a great, high-impact volunteer opportunity. Remember, each person you pick up is a potential life saved. To sign up, complete the two forms at the top of this page and email them to 115FW.AADD@ang.af.mil.

Important note: Airmen will be able to volunteer from the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms. Volunteers will receive phone call notifications when they are needed for sober rides.


AADD is an initiative to safely return Airmen of all grades to a residence, if their plans fall through after drinking alcohol.


AADD volunteers do not wear uniforms nor use rank. Location, number in party, first name, military id and a callback number are all the volunteers need to get you home. Information obtained will be discarded - identities will remain anonymous.

AADD's Objective

The main objective of this volunteer organization is to prevent death and injury. Driving under the influence never ends well. This initiative will educate base personnel on the consequences of driving under the influence and the importance of having a plan.

If an Airman's plan fails, AADD offers a safe alternative - a sober ride home.

Dates/Times of Operation

AADD operating hours are from 2200-0300 on Friday and Saturday nights of UTA weekends. Additional days/times will be announced as they are decided upon.

Point of contact

For more information or to find out when the next AADD weekend is, email 115FW.AADD@ang.af.mil.

Non-DOD Resource(s)

Getting a Ride

To use AADD, call 608-245-4380. Be prepared to give your first name, current location, number in party and callback number. That information will be handed off to a sober Airman who can pick you up.

Also, be sure to have your military ID as it will serve as your ticket into the car.